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script to turn off either 2.4 or 5Ghz?

New Contributor II
I need to calibrate our network for spot, but in order to do so we need to disable each band while testing the other.
We are running on a vSZ and the only option I can see is to go in on each AP and disable WLAN under the specific radio.
I have tried to see if I could find a command on the ap to do it but just cant seem to find something that can help me. Anyone got any ideas on how to turn of one radio for alot of ap's at once?

Create an AP group, put all the AP's in that group, and change the setting in the AP group, that should do the job I think

Except there is no way to turn it off on group level. I have tried 😞

if you select Override and only enable 2,4, is 5 still working then? (also if you select Override for the 5GHz, but not enable it?)

Doesnt work. If i override and deselct all channel on one radio it just complains that minimum one channel have to be selected. And there isnt a dsiabling of WLAN for the entire radio on the ap group level, only directly on the ap.