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ruckus r650 and VHT160

New Contributor III


I'm think about replacing r730 by r650.

However, I realised that it does not look such much better as I expected.

On my r730: 2x2-80MHz - 1200 Mbps

Therefore I can expectant that 4x4-160MHz should give 4800 Mbps (double stream and double channelisation).

But according specs: r650 can give only 2400 Mbps

Therefore I can suggest that r650 can work as 4x4-80MHz or 2x2-160MHz. In other word, a chip has only 4 radio "channels" but it can reconfigure them (to be precise it is 4 * 4 = 16 radio modules by 20 MHz that can be configure in 2 different ways).

Is my suggestion correct? If not, how it's possible.

PS: in specs I can't find anything about VHT160 even there is channelisation 160 MHz

PS2: it's just curiosity. I checked r750 and saw same thing. Looks like only r850 can give 4x4-160Mhz

PS3: I know that using 160Mhz can have issues with noise as well as only few devices supports 4x4 or higher.