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ruckus ZF7942 Ap Firmware upgradation

New Contributor

I am using ruckus 7942 standalone ap and its very old firmware I need update to latest firmware.

old firmware as rcks format and latest bl7 format. dont accept control file.

My AP giving me lots for problem with signal drops and low coverage.

Please help.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Vignesh,

   Try this AP image with this AP control file.

If the control file doesn't download correctly, save the text to a file with this name.

Hint: The control file specifies the AP firmware image filename and byte count.
(you can make your own control files if you have the AP image files)

And view your AP's support info file and examine radio Athstats info.  You might
have interference on your radio (2.4g/n only).  Rebooting your AP will allow it to
check and choose the best channel *at that time. *Without a ZoneDirector to help
tell APs which is best, you can only rely on the channel chosen when APs reboot