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(resolved) layer 3 adoption problem

New Contributor
We have one ZD1200 with one R710 at central. Works with wlangroups and apgroups. We have a tun OpenVPN connection to our 2nd site. Routing works, I can see the r500, which should be an Root-AP for another r500. Mesh is global on. But it seems that the mesh APs at 2nd site get no config. I turned tun vpn to tap and it seems that the APs get their config.

A'm I right that I need tap (layer2) vpn rather than tun (layer3) vpn to config the remote AP's? Can I then turn tap to tun because this is the recommended vpn? thank you for clarification.

Solution: Set MTU to a lower  value like 1300 at ZD and AP. Config could not get througt the tunnel.