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register R500 to zone director

New Contributor III
Dear All Master,

We have AP R500 and ZD1100. Designed to R500 managed by ZD1100, but we have a problem, the problem is R500 cannot registered on ZD1100, firmware version ZD1100 is build 101, and firmware version on R500 is, we have done the setting to register to ZD, but the result still cannot connect vlan is same on network, please help me to solve this problem,

Fahrizal Z

Contributor II
load firmware 9.8 in r500

New Contributor II
Try reset AP to factory defaults and change the firmware to standalone and join the zonedirector again

Contributor II
not to standalone.
standalone -> firmware 100.
zonedirector -> firmware 9. or 10.
smartzone -> firmare 2. or 3.
unleashed -> 200.

so you need firmware 9. or 10. you can take any of a 9. or 10. firmware, as soon the AP is connected to the ZD the AP will get the right firmware from the ZD1100.

Valued Contributor II
hi Fahrizal

login into AP, go to upgrade and upgrade the AP with following firmware:

Assuming that you have configured your AP with correct network/IP setting.. simply run below command via CLI in AP

set director ip

example: set director ip