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recently taken over a site and no details for the ruckus network, and zone director

New Contributor
What can i do to find details that have not been left, I have No IP's of the units, no login details . i know there are about 10 wifi units around the site. is there an easy way i can retake control of this and audit what is on site

New Contributor II
Unfortunately without the login credentials you're limited as to what can be done.  Even going via the console will be limited.  Given there are only 10 units you may be able to just factory reset the device and start from scratch, which although a great initial hassle, will help get everything sorted in the long run.  If that isn't an option though, you may be able to find some luck with this article: (note that you're not guaranteed a positive result).

Depending on the config, if you reset the ZoneDirector you may also have to reset the APs.

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If you have no password to the ZD then no.

You need a basic IP scan tool to detect IPs of APs and ZD. Then try the various IPs in a browser until you hit the ZD and try the default password. That would be a best case scenario.

More likely you will have to physically visit each AP and the ZD to reset to default and start form scratch. With various downtime, operational and personal stress ramifications.

If you have presently working WLAN coverage then this is a big step and you need to think very carefully.

That is my understanding if you have been left with no login to the ZD.
I would be very happy for anyone to correct me (and a little concerned over the security considerations)!

RUCKUS Team Member
Hello John,

My name is Roberto Flores and I work for Ruckus support.  There is a way to get the IP address of the ZD.  The ZD by default has UPNP enabled.  This means that if you connect a laptop to one of the ports of the ZD, the laptop will get an IP address from the same network that the ZD may reside on.  Then you can open a Windows folder (using a Windows machine) and click on the Network option (Id don't know the Apple option of discovery and thus referencing a Windows client).  It will discover the ZD IP address.

Now, once you have the ZD IP address, you would have to login.  You would need the username and password.  If you don't user/password then if the previous folks left you a debug info file or a backup file of the controller, Ruckus support can extract the password from decrypting the file.  You can provide us with the file via a new post.

The last option is to factory default the ZD for which the IP address would be with user/password = super/sp-admin (respectively).
You can get the manual and quick startup guide for the Zone Director controller from your Ruckus support portal (

Thank you,

-Roberto Flores.

Valued Contributor II

ZD default IP is -- on GUI - there is NO username/password however on CLI - admin/admin
AP default IP is -- on GUI/CLI default username/password super/sp-admin