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r720 - iOS performance horrible IF WPA2 / encryption enabled on FW 110

This actually also applies to r710 only with FW 110 as well.   When using standalone FW , if i enable WPA2 encryption, several test iOS devices will not see above 90mbit in either direction (speedflex or ). 

If i disable encryption, speeds go up to what they should be ( up to 550mbit real BW , depending on the iOS device's wireless capabilities).

This does NOT occur on FW 104.x (r710)  nor on 106.x (r720),  nor on unleashed 206.x ( r710/r720).   (its only w FW 110.x  and only on r710/r720,   ie issue is not occurring on a r600 we have w fw 110)

In my tests im only using/enabling the 5ghz radio.  (factory resets between FW changes / tests)

The issue also does not seem to affect other non iOS client devices (ie those are showing full speeds w ENC on).

(this is all in our office / lab,  not in the field as its our first test/experience w the r720)

I have reproduced the issue with both poe AT and when using the ruckus 60w 48v AC adapter (r720)  or 12v AC (r710).  So its not a power-mode issue (ie these two APs do have special POE power requirements).

My hunch is that something on the AP is keeping iOS STAs at 802.11 N or maybe only 1x1 chain of AC when WPA2 is enabled.

(im ofcourse testing with WPA2 , PSK, AES,  I have tested other ENC settings and the issue is the exact same, its only with ENC disabled do i see full, normal speeds on ios)

anyone have any ideas or suggestions?  These are on 2x new r720  (and r710 we already).

(i am aware of the other large thread w iOS issues and recent FW, but those are all lack of any connectivity on iOS,  the issue here is simply speed, not ever a lack of connectivity)


anyone?  ( or the reverse - w iOS devices is anyone seeing good speeds with r710 or r720 on FW 110.x and Encryption ON? - im mainly looking at the r720 / fw110/ ios though).  Issue does not occur with FW 106, nor with 200.6 unleashed.

Im 1.5 weeks in with a support tickets and getting no where on support.

(i have retested all of my points above 3 times now on both r710 and r720 on fw 110 and issue is the exact same, horrible speeds only if any type of encyrption is enabled on the AP)


Hi interested that you brought this up 1 year ago and it went unnoticed. This issue impacts unleashed firmware 200.7.x the most which is why a lot off people are complaining since download speeds can be as slow as 79mbps or slower but yet uploads are crazy fast. This also impacts unleashed firmware 200.6.x and 200.5.x.....just not as bad which might explain why it went unnoticed for a while. 200.4x  was the first firmware that wasn’t impact by this encryption related bug as far as I can tell with testing the past week.

Also with other users of ZD and SZ are also impacted by this bug.

Please reopen your same ticket...we need to put pressure on Ruckus to fix this bug even for older users of unleashed R500, R600

also impacts r510, 610, 710, 720.

TAC doesn't re-open 1 yr old cases, but we would like to collect logs/traces from the R710/R720 versus other models on same firmware, if you would please open a new ticket?  Thanks

Hi Steve,

I just posted the same issue below.  Did you find a solution?  Interesting that I am seeing, word-for-word, the same exact issue you experienced several months ago.  I appreciate any advice you have.

Best regards, Tim