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How many R510 is required for a 30K square feet warehouse

New Contributor
I am thinking to deploy R510 unleashed APs in a warehouse of total 30K square feet, with 5  meter in height.

For now the space is not available yet to test. The space will be full of metal rack in the future and they are up to height of 2 meter.

Can anyone share the range of the number of AP required for such setup? Can it be done with less than 20 APs?  (due to the unleashed limitation)
# Number of mobile devices required WIFI is around 200

Hard one to answer, I have done several warehouses for a Coca Cola regional distributor and they use hand held devices for inventory and portable VOIP phones.  We have found that it is best to use outdoor directional ap's pointing down the rows one on one row one direction and then other end going the other direction. The hardest problem with using non directional is the coverage was always changing in the warehouse due to pallets of soda and water bottles.  Best thing you can do is put it into airmagnet and lay it out.