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r710 wont sync to ZD1200

New Contributor

I have an r710 (software: that sat for 2 years before I found it.  The site has 18 existing r710s and is licensed for 20.  When connecting to the ZD1200 controller (software: build 159), the new AP reboots constantly, leaving the following message on the ZD1200: "joins with different firmware/custom file version and is being upgraded."  The AP itself has the following entries in its log (multiple times):  "

Nov 30 19:02:52 RuckusAP daemon.notice Firmware Daemon[2013]: working|looking up control server IP
Nov 30 19:02:52 RuckusAP daemon.notice Firmware Daemon[2013]: working|reading control file
Nov 30 19:02:52 RuckusAP daemon.notice Firmware Daemon[2013]: working|reading firmware file header
Nov 30 19:02:52 RuckusAP daemon.notice Firmware Daemon[2013]: failed|firmware size not as specified in control file
Nov 30 19:02:52 RuckusAP local2.err syslog: Firmware update error(-1)  
Nov 30 19:02:56 RuckusAP local2.err syslog: Proceed to RESET state from IMAGE state, no resp after 15 re-transmits 
Nov 30 19:03:01 RuckusAP local2.err syslog: APMgr is rebooting the system (apmgr, Failed to get Image Response messagae and reboot) 
Nov 30 19:03:01 RuckusAP user.notice syslog: apmgr, Failed to get Image Response messagae and reboot
Nov 30 19:03:01 RuckusAP daemon.err rsmd[1233]: Receive reboot msg [a,1] 

Can I update the r710 AP software manually? If so, how? The AP interface does not have an update page when logged in as super.


New Contributor

Reset the AP to factory and try to update the AP by standalone (connect direct to AP without connect to ZD).

@jack_cumerlato then, try to connect again into the ZD.

If I recall there are different firmwares as well - for Standalone vs Controller??

Valued Contributor II


Log file messages mean that firmware file on ZD is corrupted or get corrupted in the process of download (size of file isn't as stated in header). There are many possible reasons for such message:

1. Shared firmware file for R710 on ZD1200 is really corrupted. Easiest way to fix this is to upgrade ZD1200  to newer firmware, than all firmware files will be replaced by new. It doesn't look very probable reason, but I had such problem once (file for one AP model on ZD was corrupted, so this model APs were not able to join).

2. Bad network between AP and ZD (bad cables, small MTU. firewall, etc.) or firewall in between. Try to connect AP to same switch and same VLAN as ZD. 

3. Bad Power supply (not enough power provided to AP. Can play weird things. Use sufficient power source and test again.

4. Bad AP (bad flash or firmware, resulting in incorrect file download). In this case you need to open case and RMA AP.

5. Firmware bug or bad firmware -- than upgrading or downgrading to different standalone firmware version must  help.

So I recommend to start from factory resetting AP,  connected to the same VLAN and same switch as ZD1200 is connected, using tested cable and proper power source (say at least 50 W PoE injector).

If this doesn't work, upgrade ZD to newer version.

If still AP doesn't join, change standalone firmware to latest. 

If you still have the same issue, open case with Ruckus to RMA AP, they may propose some more detailed troubleshooting.