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Can I get notification when an AP goes down?

New Contributor II

I want to get email notifications if an AP goes down or overloaded with traffic. Is this feature available on Unleashed?

I thought I found it under Admin & Services->Administration->Network Management->Alarm Notification but did not work for me when I tested it. I have checked enable email server, check all alarm notifications, checked send an email message when an alarm is triggered, and did test to email address working. But when I killed power (unplugged PoE cable) to AP I do not receive any notification. However, when I powered back the AP, I did got an "AP Has Joined" email notification.


New Contributor III

I don't think that feature is on Unleashed.  It is however on ZoneDirector.   I've seen it work on ZD.  On Unleashed I only get it when an AP re-joins.

Valued Contributor

Hi Thomas,

Unleashed 200.9 (and most likely earlier versions) has the ability to send you notifications and alerts by email.

Configuration details for 200.9 here:

If you have configured the above but you have not recieved a notification, it is likely an issue with the SMTP server or configuration.


Hi Darrel,

I have the SMTP config set properly. Like Dave, I do receive "AP Has Joined" email and app notifications.

An alarm 'AP Has Joined' was triggered.

AP[...] joins with uptime [74] s and last disconnected reason [AP Restart : power cycle]

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for confirming, what version of Unleashed are you running?