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r600 mounting and vertical coverage

New Contributor
Hi - I'm considering going a bit overboard and getting an R600 for my two story 2500sqft house.

I have cat6 cable I can use in my ceiling on the first floor with PoE, a few questions..

1. Is everything I need to mount to a drywall ceiling included or do I need the mount adapter kit?
2. Do I need to buy a PoE injector or is one included (I would assume not, but want to confirm)
3. My mounting position will be pretty much middle of the house, but it's on the first floor. Can I expect good coverage upstairs? It's a pretty normal US house layout, so maybe 5 ft to 15 feet range vertically above the AP.


Esteemed Contributor II
1. You may be able to simply set the AP flat on top of a dresser or cabinet and not need to attach it to your ceiling.  Included is a mounting kit for drop-down ceiling T bars, not drywall screws, etc.
2. Yes, PoE is needed as no AC power adapter is included.
3. Probably, depending on the building materials used (chicken wire/stucco walls can block RF),
but near a stairway between floors or in the center of your building will likely provide adequate
coverage.  [but still needs to be tested to confirm]

Valued Contributor II
Yeah, don't underestimate the effectiveness of just setting the AP flat on something elevated. I've found bookshelves to work really well for that. There's even times where I've set it on a waist-high table and it worked more or less as well as ceiling-mounting it.

My experience is, if your coverage is not adequate with a given placement, it's probably time to consider adding additional APs (unless the placement is egregiously non-idea). I've wasted a lot of time moving an AP around with little to no appreciable difference.

New Contributor II
It comes with screws and plastic anchors you can use in drywall. I've used them multiple times.

You can use a 12V 1A AC adapter if you like. POE is much better. 

Probably - depends on the construction of your home. Drywall has minimal effect, however metal mesh, insulation with metal backing, and water pipes will dramatically effect the signal. I have a single R500 for my 4200 sq ft home thats 2 story and it covers every corner. I also installed an H500 for a single room and it works well in conjunction.