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r500 can't connect to the internet

New Contributor II
I've got a Problem with my r500.
We are using multiple r500 AP's and an ZD1200.
But one of the AP's can't connect to the Internet, To test the ap I upgraded her to the unleashed Firmware and it works, so I downgraded it again and now I can't dinf the Problem.

Esteemed Contributor II
Unleashed firmware will not be recognized by ZoneDirector or SmartZone controllers. 
Try the latest standalone R500 firmware, which can connect with either controller type.

New Contributor II
thanks for the Anwser,
but I think I found the error 
The AP can't connect to the DHCP, but every other ap can.
I still don't know how to fix this though 

Please try a factory default of that misbehaving AP...

I already tried this multiple times It can't connect no matter what I do