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How to change primary ZoneDirector IP per AP other than using command line?

New Contributor II
I have several Ruckus APs (ZF7343) that are hard-coded to use a specific ZoneDirector, and after configured so, all Telnet/SSH/HTTP/HTTPS are disabled on each AP by the guy who worked here before me.

I have a need to change the designated ZoneDirector IP but I don't think I can access command line except by plugging console cable to all AP one by one, which is very inconvenient.

If I try to change the designated primary ZoneDirector IP from Access Point Policies in the ZoneDirector that currently managing it, the config will be applied to all other managed AP, which I dont want to change.

Please help 😞

Valued Contributor II
in current scenario you can select the AP first which need to work with different controller then remove them from network, hard reset, reconfigure to work with new controller..


get the CLI/SSH access back to make change on the AP side...

Hi Monnat, thanks for the reply.
I want to avoid physical work if possible, so the first option that you mentioned seems to be my last choice.
I'd like to know how can I get the SSH access back again, as right now I don't have access at all to individual AP (like I said, all CLI/SSH/Telnet/HTTP/HTTPS has been disabled from the AP configuration itself). Can I do this from ZoneDirector? So far I can't find the options to do that, please advise 😞

which version on the controller are you running?

yes, once you ssh access to AP cli then you can login into each AP and run command to decide which AP connects to which controller..

from controller "CLI" there is a way...not from GUI