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login page for hotspot in a stand alone AP

New Contributor II
Hi everyone.

I have configured a 7762 as stand alone AP, and I have  configured the hotspot in a SSID. The login page will be hosted in a local web server.

When I connect to that SSID, the traffic is sucessfully redirected to the web server. Fine! The web server recives data like MAC address, IP addres, SSID, etc., throught GET parameters.

But now I need to know how do the web server must to send the login (username / password) data to the AP (on order to redirect it to Radius server). Do I haver to use a HTML form with Post method? do I have to use some specific names for variables?
Where can I find an example?


Esteemed Contributor II
Here is info from KBA-2610: Secure Hotspot Setup.

Here is what required to setup a secure hotspot:

   1. A web portal server to host the login page and related scripts
   2. An authentication server (such as a AAA server) to validate the login accounts
   3. ZoneDirector running on v9.5 firmware or above
   4. ZoneFlex APs managed by a ZoneDirector
   5. Wireless client devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops

Detailed instructions can be found in the Secure Hotspot configuration guide downloadable from :

Scripts to run the portal login logic can be downloaded from :

While ZD managed Hotspot is described, the auth server setup is the same for standalone AP HotSpot.

New Contributor II
OK, thanks a lot!!!