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kernel panics R700 after upgrade to build 218

New Contributor III
may 2015
We upgrade to software version build 218 on several access points R700 we experience kernel panics.
Memory leak ER-2252 not yet fixed in the this version (:

Can you explain what caused the kernel oops ?

Herewith the output
### Kernel Oops ###

0xcff00000[1784]: Image: type=2 index=2 total_boot=6


@ j=4c9095d2

Oops: Kernel access of bad area, sig: 11 [#1]

P1024 RDB

Modules linked in: br_dhcp(P) wispr_http(P) crypto_aes_cbc_talitos av(P) br_dnat(P) afmod(P) crypto_aes_ccm(P) crypto_aes_cbc crypto(P) v54smartmedia(P) br_pif(P) br_ci ath_pci wlan_u(P) wlan_acl wlan_xauth wlan_ccmp wlan_wep wlan_tkip wlan_scan_sta wlan_scan_rks ath_spectral(P) ath_dfs(P) ath_rate_v54beamflex(P) ath_hal(P) wlan rflow(P) rks_dns(P) rudb(P) rks_ioctl

NIP: d141d168 LR: d141d094 CTR: c003cd44

REGS: cc68f7f0 TRAP: 0300   Tainted: P            (

MSR: 00029000   CR: 80004088  XER: 00000000

DEAR: 00100104, ESR: 00800000

TASK = cc4e2560[1365] 'avpd' THREAD: cc68c000

GPR00: cdd82468 cc68f8a0 cc4e2560 ffffffea 00000002 cc68f924 00000100 d1424c88

GPR08: cdd82460 00100100 d1468910 00200200 00000000 10025ca8 10009f9c 10009f74

GPR16: 10002ee4 00000000 bf811fb0 00000000 00000000 cc68f8e8 00000000 00000100

GPR24: d1424c98 00043c88 00000007 cb3b6ec0 cc68f924 00000100 00000002 000018a6

NIP [d141d168] __dns_cache_group_dump_dn_list+0x128/0x218 [rks_dns]

LR [d141d094] __dns_cache_group_dump_dn_list+0x54/0x218 [rks_dns]

Call Trace:

[cc68f8a0] [d141d1a8] __dns_cache_group_dump_dn_list+0x168/0x218 [rks_dns] (unreliable)

[cc68f8e0] [d141e13c] get_dn_by_ip+0x4c/0x100 [rks_dns]

[cc68f910] [d1422fec] dns_ioctl+0x258/0xb3c [rks_dns]

[cc68fc40] [d13fa194] rks_ioctl+0xd4/0x1d0 [rks_ioctl]

[cc68fe70] [c01c9320] sock_ioctl+0x10c/0x3b0

[cc68fe90] [c0098ee8] vfs_ioctl+0x34/0x90

[cc68fea0] [c0099108] do_vfs_ioctl+0x84/0x724

[cc68ff10] [c00997e8] sys_ioctl+0x40/0x88

[cc68ff40] [c000f7c8] ret_from_syscall+0x0/0x3c

Instruction dump:

3d20d142 1f3f002c 38e94c88 7d27ca14 81090038 2f880000 419e00bc 8168000c

7d47ca14 81280008 3b070010 38080008 <91690004> 912b0000 7d38ca14 3929001c 


Esteemed Contributor II

Arthur, the developers believe they have a fix for ER-2285 that more matches your call trace.

The 9.10 MR1 will include the change, but if you're willing to try it (*with patch code caveats)

please open a Tech Support ticket and ask for Michael Brado.  The engineer who says he has

the fix will provide the test build, if you let us know what platform of ZoneDirector you have.

Michael herewith the casenumber 295627 we request the support engineer to contact you.
Do you know if the memory leak ER-2252 has been resolved in this software version.

Engineering has resolved both ER issues, fixes are being rolled into the firmware builds,
and will be available in the next official Maintenance Releases (9.9.2, 9.10.1, 9.12.1) which
we expect to be posted this summer.  9.10.1 is currently scheduled for mid-July.

Yes Arthur, it looks like ER-2252 fix is integrated in, so will be in 9.10 MR1.