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Not all AP's appear in Map View

New Contributor II
I was able to drag and place around 40 of our 60 AP's. However the rest just simply never appeared upon configuration of the map. On the bottom left corner it does state we have 60 AP's. We are running version build 218. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Esteemed Contributor II
Not expert at Map View, but do you have the same issue under different browser types?  FireFox or Chrome may behave better than Internet Explorer.  You aren't getting a Java version mismatch at least.

Yes Michael I normally use Chrome, but I have tested both Firefox and IE and they do not seem to appear in any of the 3 browsers. I do not see any mismatch in configuration of the Access Points that would cause them to not appear either. 

New Contributor II
*UPDATE* The access points still do not appear in map view. I have been managing all 60 ap's since then and they appear on the dashboard but for some reason they never appeared for me in the map view. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there any way to somehow bring in the ones that do not appear? I have tried re-mapping and all of our access points still do not appear.

Hi Alex

This issue was fixed in 9.10.1, I had the same problem using 9.10, basically at some point the AP's were dragged outside the bounds and got negative coordinates and the next time you refresh that map they aren't accessable. Upgrade to 9.10.1 and they will come back