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iPad Air (iOS 8.1 en newer) will only connect on 5GHz

New Contributor
For an event we have 280 iPads Air, running iOS 8.3 (latest version today). WiFi setup: ZD1100 running 9.8.2, 2x 7782-S. Security: WPA2/AES. We notice that all iPads are only connecting to the 5GHz, not even 1 to the 2.4Ghz. Resulting in to few capacity on the 2 AP's. Anyone seen this issue before? When we disable the 5GHz and manually connect to the (known) WiFi network, we see them connecting to the 2.4GHz... For the moment we've added 1 more AP (7372) and balance clients to adjacent AP's with a limit of 100 per AP.