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iOS 9 with DPSK bug

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We have DPSK set up with Roles and are using the Specify OS Types option and have the Apple iOS selected it seems that devices recently upgraded to iOS 9 experience difficulty connecting to WLAN - it shows up as Authorized(Deny) under Active Clients. By changing to Allow All OS this problem disappears. Anyone else run into this?

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Thanks for describing the workarounds for this issue.

Is there likely to be (or is there) a plan to somehow resolve this issue?

Obviously iDevices represent the bulk of mobile devices in a lot of networks. Having them identified as "unknown" is clearly not great.....

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its unlikely as Ruckus employs Passive fingerprinting which is currently dependent on DHCP requests from the host to share the info on their OS

they may have overhaul this feature and go for multiple techniques. Other techniques may involve sniffing:
  • IP TTL values;
  • IP ID values;
  • TCP Window size;
  • TCP Options (generally, in TCP SYN and SYN+ACK packets);
  • ICMP requests;
  • HTTP packets (generally, User-Agent field).

btw this is not really BUG on the Ruckus side, its just that apple is not sending info which is needed for OS fingerprinting to work. this must have impacted other OEMs too

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This is troublesome for us as well, as we are unable to use device access policies for any iOS9 devices. It seems that this is certainly something that Ruckus can fix as iOS devices do send OS fingerprinting info using DHCP Option 55 parameters 1,121,3,6,15,119,252. From this Ruckus KB it appears that Ruckus supports DHCP Option 55 for client fingerprinting.

I've seen that other competing products are able to ID iOS9 devices using DHCP Option 55; it just seems like the proper parameters have to be added for the recognition to occur.

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Can you tell me the soure support ruckus wireless ?
I also have problems related to this issue with the hidden SSID & L2MAC. 😞