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iOS 9 with DPSK bug

New Contributor III
We have DPSK set up with Roles and are using the Specify OS Types option and have the Apple iOS selected it seems that devices recently upgraded to iOS 9 experience difficulty connecting to WLAN - it shows up as Authorized(Deny) under Active Clients. By changing to Allow All OS this problem disappears. Anyone else run into this?

New Contributor III

Yes, I've seen this too.

I've not got any "Specify OS Types" enabled but I can see that all my iOS devices no longer have their OS recognized following the upgrade to iOS9. The Pie charts on the dashboard are also showing them as "unknown" devices.

I've updated today to 9.12 MR1 and the behavior hasn't changed- possibly something for next release? I guess Apple may have changed the OS "signature" in some way?

Kind Regards, Andy.

Ditto - except I'm stuck with 9.8 because of EOL for 7962  😞

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi All,

iOS9 devices are not sending the OS related information in the DHCP discover/request packet and our Controllers(ZD/vSCG/SCG-200/SZ-100) are unable to detect the iOS devices with version 9. So, these devices as being considered as Other 'OS' type devices.

There is no Vendor Class Identifier packet in DHCP discover/request packet with DHCP option 60.

- If users are being assigned with a Role where RBAC(Role Based Access Control) is selected to allow specific OS type users, then choose the "Others" options also under OS types in that particular Role.

- If Device Access Policy is tagged on the WLAN, then change the Default Mode to "Allow all by default" on that particular Device Access Policy Rule.

- Anusha

Can you tell me the soure support ruckus wireless ?
I also have problems related to this issue with the hidden SSID & L2MAC. 😞