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how to update R510 firmware using a Pc

New Contributor


I have 3 R510 AP's and would like to update them to the newest firmware. 

I've watched the tutorial videos, however the URL: no longer seems to be an accessible site. I would like to understand what would be the updated solution for this. 


Thank you. 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @CharlieChiu 
You can try accessing the AP using its IP address from the Laptop\PC browser.
Could you please let us know the current firmware of the AP so that we can suggest?


Hello Sanjay, 


Thank you for replying. how do i find the current fireware? 

My current configuration is : my internet provider modem is connect to my master AP, (1 port) the 2nd port is connect to my PC. 

Hi @CharlieChiu 
The AP software version can be found from the Master AP CLI or GUI.
You need to find the IP address of the AP. Follow the below steps and see if you can gain access to the AP:

1. Connect to the AP second ether net port or SSID broadcasting from the AP.
2. In the browser type "

If you are not able to connect;
1. Check the Laptop IP address, I hope it is something in the series of 192.168.x.x.
2. This IP is obtained from the Internet modem.
3. You can login to the Modem and see the IP address provided by the modem, you should find the AP's IP there.
4. So the AP IP should also be in the same range as Laptops, if you are not able to login to the modem, you can try different IPs in the browser (https://192.168.x.x) and see if you can get access to the AP.

Hello Sanjay,


first of all the URL you provided 

I’d clicked on the link and it say the page does not exist.


 are you able to find the URL on your side? 

my AP ip is

im only able to gain access to it if I go into my IPv4 and change the ip address to

and the default gateway to

Here is my laptop IP while connect to my internet provider 


 thank you