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how to put R720 injector mode in 802.3bt

New Contributor III
Hi i know R720 supports three modes of poe

but when i am under cli mode to check which status is r720 on, only thing that i can find is that there are only four options as auto/af/at/at+. and by default its under auto and tells me it's under af

if i want to use r720 at full power, such as poh/bt what should i do?

there is no option to set r720 work at 802.3bt poe mode.

so is there any way that i can put it under 802.3bt poe mode


Esteemed Contributor II
The PoE output needs to be configured on the Switch port side typically.  Our AP will recognize the 802.3af or at, and power 2.5g Eth ports / more wireless radio streams, etc.

Here are some general PoE troubleshooting guidelines if this is helpful.

Basic POE troubleshooting
  1. Check whether the Ethernet cable is connected to the proper PoE port of the AP or not.  Is it rated correctly for distance between switch/AP (Cat5/5e, Cat6/6a)?
  2. Try another port on the switch.
  3. Try a different cable if possible. Check the cable ends for damage, corrosion, etc.
  4. Check the switch configuration to ensure POE of the proper type is enabled. [ 802.3af (802.3at Type1 'PoE'), 802.3 at (802.3at Type2 'PoE+') ].
  5. Check the switch which you are using has PoE option or not. Also check the specific Ethernet port. Some of the switches will have PoE enabled for some specific Ethernet ports only.
  6. If practical, try another AP on the same switch port. If it powers up, first AP may have a bad AP PoE port (RMA).
  7. When multiple APs are connected to the PoE switch, Keep an eye on the PoE budget also. If the PoE budget of the switch is exceeded then the AP(s) will not get power from the Switch.
  8. Check whether the PoE output specification of the switch is compatible with the AP's PoE port or not, for example 802.3 af / 802.3at.

Note: These guidelines relate to all manufacturer PoE switches (not just ICX) and Ruckus APs.

The R720 Quick Start Guide describes either 802.3at or PoE, but no 802.3bt support.