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hone setup recommendations

New Contributor

I am looking for advice on setting up an Unleashed network at home. I had been researching consumer mesh products (mainly Asus & Synology) but there are features I can't find in a single product line: PoE, decent handoff support, outdoor APs.

This is low density, just a couple of laptops & phones plus some IoT lights etc. The house has 4300 sq ft plus a large outdoor area. The main challenges are range and roaming (802.11r etc.), as we depend on WiFi calling. Fiber internet has recently become available so we can potentially upgrade to 1 Gbps or higher.

The consumer products I was looking at cost in the $300's per AP. I'd be willing to buy used APs if it makes sense, although something more future proof would be preferable. I assume I'd need something like the 806-ULAP-5U00 license for each AP.

Can different generation APs such as R320 and R350 be mixed and matched providing an upgrade path? If so, would handoff work? And what would happen when the older units go EoL?

I'd appreciate any recommendations on how to make this all work.