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does Ruckus support Capwap tunnel between AP and controller?

New Contributor II
Does Ruckus support Capwap tunnel between AP and controller?

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No, CAPWAP was the IEEE equivalent for LWAPP, written by Bob O'Hara and Pal Calhoun of AireSpace, acquired by Cisco Systems.

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Hello David, thanks for reaching out.

CAPWAP is a Cisco proprietary protocol. It is derived from LWAPP (Lightweight Access Point Protocol). The latter is a protocol intended for use in enterprise, secured environments. As such, it is not a protocol Ruckus employs in the latest SmartZone line of controllers. These controllers are meant to work securely with APs that can be located within the enterprise network and outside on the public internet. As a result, we changed to use SSH as our AP to controller communication protocol.

We do however still use our version of LWAPP for our smaller, enterprise series of controllers, the ZoneDirectors.

Hope this helps.