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do wired devices work on the r300 with dynamic-psk and dynamic vlan assignment?

New Contributor III
So we have a ssid that uses dynamic-psk to assign the vlan of connected devices.  If an R300 has a wired device connected to it will the wired devices get the the proper dynamic VLAN?  I have tested this with other repeaters (not Ruckus) and while the repeater can connect, any client wired devices cannot because they have different MAC addresses.

New Contributor III
Perhaps an oversimplification but basically we are looking for a solution for a wireless bridge runs in "WET", "universal", or "bridge" mode and hides client devices mac address.

New Contributor III
Whoops I got my products mixed up...I meant to say the H500 not the R300...but I suppose it could still apply to an ap that has a ethernet port.

Esteemed Contributor II
Ah, that actually simplifies things (maybe).  
If your attached device should always use VLAN X, you can specify that VLAN as the Access VLAN for the PoE out LAN port.
Devices attached, will send their DHCP to the server on that VLAN.