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connecting a Zoneflex 7942 to a PACE 5268 router ( ATT Uverse box)

New Contributor
I want to use the AP to extend my WiFi coverage si I was going to simply power it and connect to the embedded switch on the Uverse router/AP/FW  Any help would be appreciated

New Contributor III
-Reset AP. 
-Make sure your router has DHCP enabled
-Grab the AP IP from the Smart Manager
-Config on GUI 
I just set mine up last night. Make sure the radios and encryption are enabled and you should be all set.. 

Also to note I had to add a PoE injector and update firmware to standalone as well. 

New Contributor
I am running into issues with ATT and my R500.  The R500 is not passing traffic to the internet like it did with my cable service.  I can't seem to understand what the difference is when the internal ip address scheme and subnet mask info has been made the same.  Thoughts?