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connecting a VF2811 & VF2111

New Contributor
I am connecting a VF2811 to the router with a LAN cable and setting in another room the VF2111. 
My goal is to use the WLAN in this other room where otherwise I do not get any signal. Both Ruckus (2811 & 2111) see each other and get all lights in green... Any how I do not see in my computer any WLAN I can connect to. 
Any idea what I am doing wrong?!?!

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Anibal,

The VF2811 and VF2111 are part of a very old Ruckus IPTV solution that has been discontinued for about 7 years.  The 2811 connects to a DSL modem providing IPTV and the 2111 is for connecting to a TV set top box for that IP TV system, allowing extending IPTV without cables.

These products do not provide WiFi service.

The 2800 series of "Media Cast" devices use old 802.11G technology, max 54Mbps, and can only support Standard Definition TV.   Ruckus also produced 7800 (7808 AP and 7111 CPE) using 802.11n on 5 GHz ... these supported HD TV.  But all these products are long discontinued and no support is available.

I hope this answers your question.