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WDS Bridge

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Trying to create own network with TPLink WDS

Great, David.

What is your question?

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I can guess, can I use a TPlink wireless bridge with other devices behind it?
The answer is Maybe...  See this KBA for commands that might help it work.

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That requires a premium membership which I do not have at the moment. You are on the right track though, sorry my full message never posted with the original question. 

I have the instructions from TP Link on how to do it, but I think I a missing some information on how to access the Ruckus AP to begin that process. Here is the link from TP-Link - and the model of router I got is the AC1200. 

I can't even get through the 2nd step. Has anyone done a WDS Bridge with a Ruckus AP before with success? 

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I've made this a Public article, and here are the workaround details (for users who find this thread):

We frequently receive tickets for users trying to bridge users behind a wireless bridge.  Ruckus does not, and has not ever supported standard WDS AP bridging as outlined on Wikipedia.

We do use the WDS frame format (4 MAC address) to provide transparent bridging, a development from our work with IPtv and our now extinct MediaFlex product line, though we no longer sell the CPE devices that can bridge client traffic.  All ZoneDirector managed APs have WDS enabled by default.

The key to diagnosing client bridge issues is to look at ARP table and DHCP lease tables on the wired network, to understand how MAC addresses are handled.  Can you see MAC addresses of the clients beyond the bridge, in the DHCP server lease table?

When attempting to connect non-Ruckus wireless bridge devices, we can test by disabling directed-DHCP, our proprietary conversion of broadcast to unicast of DHCP offer and ack messages, and evaluate how this affects the WDS with wireless bridge clients.

rkscli: set qos directedDHCP
usage: set qos directedDHCP {enable|disable}

From ZD CLI: remote_ap_cli –A “set qos directedDHCP disable”

The “-A” switch before the double-quoted AP command, means apply to all currently connected APs.

We have successfully bridged clients using Ubiquity M5 client bridges with WDS option, under very specific conditions with 9.7.1+ ZD firmware.

WLAN setting on ZD -- standard Ruckus WLAN, WPA-PSK, no tunnel, no VLAN, no isolation (WPA-PSK is important as we saw open does not work)

If this does not help to provide the far side clients with an IP address, then we can say with certainty that this  wifi bridge is not compatible (with Ruckus proprietary WDS).