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clients not connecting to nearest AP

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I have clients that connect two to three AP's away for some reason when they have an AP in their room and one in the next room. Even when there are not more then ten people on that AP it does it making their signal strength like 50 percent. Am i doing something wrong or?

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I have seen this as well. I believe there will be a way to tweak this in the next revision (called smart-roam).

I have found that a client be too close to an AP (7363). Not sure why, but being at about 5-8 feet can have a real negative influence.

Hope that helps,

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Marty, how far are the other APs?
What model? 7055?

Ruckus has "Band Steering" and it looks like some clients can be persuaded to connect to a different AP. Maybe the one that has fewer clients attached to it.

Maybe the airspace is too saturated with all the APs.

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I see this here in school as well.

Typical scenario 8 classrooms (4 up 4 down) with 2 APs and I'll see 40 laptops in those rooms connect to 1 AP and only a few (5 perhaps) connect to the other AP. Would have expected a little more balancing between the two.

The 7363s seem to handle the numbers fine so it's more a curiosity than problem. I've learnt to ignore it and just be pleased it all works well!

To be clear the laptops are not missing the two nearest APs and picking up a remote one, just a big imbalance in which AP serves majority of clients. So not quite the same as Marty...should have read more closely.

Will post a similar screenie if I get chance early next week.

This is a great conversation that's separate from the main topic, so I created a new topic to continue the discussion. Please reference the new topic here: AP load balancing question