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cannot authenticate or get DHCP address

New Contributor III
New to Ruckus. Want to simply thorw a static IP on ruckus ap. Have Ruckus AP give out DHCP to clients on single wireless network. Route traffic through Ethernet 2 to firewall. 

Internet - assigned static ip w/ gateway IP as firewall
Local Subnet 1 - assigned static ip (same subnet as Internet) and enabled DHCP server Access VLAN 1
Radio 2G - configured Wireless. Packet Forward - Bridge to WAN
Ethernet Port2 - Enabled Access Port, Bridge to WAN Vlan1

Can someone please point me in the right direction as to what I am doing wrong. I cannot get the Wireless to provide a DHCP address - 

I can also give out DHCP addresses from Firewall. If I do that do I only need to configure Radio and Ethernet Port 2?

Thank you in advance


Valued Contributor II

this simple to do and below part is WRONG:

Radio 2G - configured Wireless. Packet Forward - Bridge to WAN

What should it be? If wrong.

scopa, you beat me in speed, i was in the process of coming up with an response for that step by step...

take a look at below URL - this allows you to set a static IP...

i am sure that was done...

Yes - already have a static on the device for Internet. Do I need to configure Local Subnet? And if so  - change the packet forward to Local Subnet NAT and Route to WAN? Is WAN the the gateway configured on "Internet" page?