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Should I upgrade ZD firmware to 9.10.1?

New Contributor II

New gear for me, deploying monday in a high density environment. 

Currently running 9.10.0

Noticed that 9.10.1 is available, but in looking at the release notes for 9.10 in general, I saw that airtime fairness doesn't work on 5ghz on the R500, 600, 700. This is a huge deal for me i think, as I will be using these in high density environment. The notes say 9.10, but was this fixed in 9.10.1? IF not, whats the highest ZD firmware that does support airtime fairness on 5ghz with the AC AP's?



Valued Contributor II
ATF, QoS, and WLAN prioritization isn't supported in any build yet -- looks like it's scheduled for 10.0.

If you are deploying R500/R600, be aware that DFS requires ZoneFlex 9.12. Without that, R500/R600 will only use 36-48, 149-161. If your deployment is high-density, that will likely matter as it essentially eliminates over half of your channels. (This doesn't apply to R700 -- R700 supported DFS out the door)

This support article details features and when they are planned to be available: