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bad firmware header magic

New Contributor II
I am trying to upgrade my T300 outdoor AP with the OutdoorAP-100... firmware but I keep getting the "bad firmware header magic" error message. The AP is currently on Unleashed and does not emit wireless, It was previously used with a controller but I don't have a controller at the moment and would like to use it as standalone

from the looks of it.. it seems to have the firmware from the controller.. so best to reflash it to standalone solo AP. .. after that do a hard reset and everything see if wifi works.. then reflash it to unleashed. 200.6.10.X is the one I recommend.

Esteemed Contributor II
Martin, you AP shows it was last controlled by an SZ (
Follow instructions from the KBA Hyak pointed to, and load either a Solo image if you only have this one AP, or Unleashed for T300, which has a different look and feel, and requires you to build an Unleashed network.