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audiosystem interference

I have a network of ZD3000 and 7 R500 access point in a conference room.
At the same time there is an audio system (Digiwave 2.0) in the conference room.
When audio system turned on there is a lot of packet loss on my wifi network.
When audio system turned off all become ok from the wifi.
After investigation audiosystem use also 2.4GHe band.
Can you give me a solution to fight againt this?

Contributor II
I came across this exact same issue in a hotel, they were using a wireless audio transmitter to send audio from the tv to speakers in the bathroom.

Most of these audio senders are quite 'dumb' and will occupy the RF spectrum continuously (aka 100% duty cycle) so there is no way wifi will work.

The solution in our case was to remove the audio transmitters. You could also see what frequencies are being used by the transmitters and exclude them from the APs (in the AP Group -> Channel Range settings.

Hi..thank for your answer.
In my case transmitter seems use all the 2.4GHZ channel.
What i can do?

I doubt it uses the whole 2.4ghz spectrum. It might be that it is auto selecting, in that it will pick a channel on startup. It would be best to use a spectrum analyser to see what th audio transmitter is doing. Your Ruckus APs can do spectrum analysis. Look for it in Monitor -> APs, then select the AP in your conference room. There is a small 'rainbow' button in the Actions section.