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Zoneflex 7372 - This site can't be reached

New Contributor
Once I set up my Zoneflex I then cannot access it via the network. I try to browse to and I'm told the site can't be reached. I've tried different browsers. I can access the wireless network that the Zoneflex has created but can't get into the Admin area to make changes. The only way I can access it is to plug it in directly to my computer and basically go through the set up process again.  What gives?

Esteemed Contributor II
Is it on a network with a DHCP server?  By default an AP will use DHCP.
Check the DHCP lease table for your AP's MAC address.

KBA-2720 describes how to configure a Static IP address, if you want to pull your AP, factory
default when connected to your PC again...

A new or factory-defaulted AP has IP address of with admin login credentials uid=super, pw=sp-admin.
You can follow these steps to configure the AP with a new IP address, prior to deployment if needed.

Step 1:
Pre-configure a PC LAN interface with 192.168.0.x (any but .1) and connect Eth cable to AP.

Step 2:
Use an SSH application (ie putty.exe) to open a session to AP (  Login with admin credentials.

Step 3:
Set a static IP address with "set ipaddr" command.  An example resetting an AP's IP address to
default would be:

    set ipaddr wan vlan 1


Step 2:
Use a web browser and open an HTTP session to the AP's IP address  Login with admin credentials.

Step 3:
Thru AP WebUI, follow configuration screen options:

   Configuration >> Internet >> IPv4 Connection Type:Static IP.  Enter IP address, Subnet Mask,
Default Gateway IP, and click on Update Settings.

Valued Contributor
was it connected to a controller before ?
http and https might be disabled
can you ssh into the AP ?
if so, login via ssh and try get http and get https