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Zonedirector + transmit power settings

New Contributor III

Can somebody explain to me how the transmit power settings are calculated on a ZD?

For instance, lets say I have a 7372 currently set to 1/4 power on 2.4ghz.

Is that 1/4 power of the legal limit of the country I'm in? (UK - so 100mw) or is that 1/4 power from the maximum RF output as specified on the spec sheet , which for the 7372 is 26dbm for 2.4ghz?

basically Im trying to work out how this equates to the EIRP for coverage planning purposes.


Hi guy 1/4 depends of your AP spec in power transmit.
Using this kind of notation(1/4) make easy power calibration of any Ruckus AP.
Because all AP have not the same transmit power

New Contributor III
Yea I understand that but in the example of the 7372 , which on the spec sheet is listed as 

    RF Power Output**
    • 26 dBm for 2.4GHz"

    So, if I've got it set to 1/4 TX power then is that 26 dbm = 398mw so 1/4 would be ~100mw = 20dbm ? (which is the UK legal limit) . but I'm assuming that the value on the ZD GUI isnt the EIRP and so doesnt take into consideration antenna gain etc?

    New Contributor III
    Correct me if I'm wrong but if you set the correct Country Code in ZD, then you will always be within legal limit of your country no matter what Transmit Power you set on your ZD-managed AP.