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Connecting two H500 AP together

New Contributor
Hi All,

We have building consisting of different apartments, rooms with one bedroom, two bedrooms and three bedrooms. We are planning to place one Ruckus H500 Access points to each room.
However, there is only one cable coming from the switch to each apartment, therefore, we are planning to connect one AP to another.

one AP is connected directly to the switch, with trunk port, and this AP is broadcasting SSID. Then, we will connect another AP from port no. 1 from example to port 5 of the new Access point, with all ports are configured as trunk port.

Putting on mind that we have three VLANs (IPTV,IPTEL and Internet). Smart TVs or STBs will be connected to ruckus Access points.

Can we do this setup,

Contributor II
Yes, that's prefectly possible.

In fact, one of the front ports on the H500 is a POE port, so it can power another H500.  Obviously you would need to make sure you have enough power budget on your switch, and it would be best to stick to one hop (ie. switch > H500 > H500), but in terms of VLANs that will work just fine.