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ZoneFlex R510 on 9.12 firmware

New Contributor III
Is it possible to support the R510 on Zone Directors with 9.12 firmware?

One of our sites is currently on (on ZD3000) and we want to expand with R510 APs.  We actually have several spare R510 units from another site that we can re-allocate but found that they can't be joined on 9.12.    

We can't upgrade yet to 9.13 as the site still has more than 40 7363 APs.  They won't be replaced until next 2nd half of 2018 at the earliest.

We'd rather not purchase R500s as we may run into the same problem in the future when they reach end-of-support.

Hope this can be considered as both R310 and R710 are supported in 9.12.