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ZoneFlex R310 and Zone Director 1100

New Contributor II
Hi Guys,

I want to add more APs in my current structure that have as ZoneDirector the model ZD1100.

Taking a look in the documentation, I can see that the ZD1100 - Firmware ZD1100 (MR2) Software Release accept the model R300, but do not tell ANYTHING about the model R310. Could you guys tell me if can I attach the Model R310 to works together with my ZD1100? Does it works, even with some limitation?

Thank you,

New Contributor III

ZoneDirector version is the last version for the ZD1100. The R310 will need ZoneDirector version, which requires at least a ZD1200. In short, the R310 will not operate on a ZD1100.  


Esteemed Contributor II
The logic I recommend, is find the AP model from Indoor/Outdoor AP product page, and see what is the earliest
documentation you find?  For R310 for example, the ZD 9.12.2 Release Notes and What's New are fround.

ZD 9.12.2 is the first ZD image to support R310, as do all 9.13.x since.

I include all supported AP models for the ZD version Release Notes, What's New, etc. when I post them.

You want to check the ZD 9.12.2 Release Notes to be sure all your current model of APs are still supported.

New Contributor II
Hi All, Thank you for the faster answer. I was thinking the same. But now, I got worried with other question. The ZD1100 reached the end of life. If I want to add more APs (i'am licensed to 12 APs), but do not find any AP compatible with the ZD, it will be necessary upgrade my whole structure? Do you know if there are some documentation about "retro-compatibility" between Ruckus ZDs and APs. I would like no spend money to replace whole structure due just one AP.

New Contributor II
Answer. I found for my self, the APs R300 that I currently have are able to support the version 9.12 and 9.13, what is good. 😃

Thx again.