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ZoneFlex 7055 DHCP configuration

New Contributor II
I have a ZoneFlex 7055 Access point and I need to create a DHCP server on it. How can I issue the default gateway of the Vlan other than the AP ip address as the default gateway for users? Also I need to know how to issue internal DNS servers to the users. Can someone help on this?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Tuck,

You can define a local subnet on a different VLAN than the AP is using, and
provide DHCP for that VLAN. The AP does need an IP in that VLAN and is the
default-gateway for DHCP clients onto the wire (Local Subnet NAT and bridge
to WAN). DNS is not configured on the AP, but requests will hit the client VLAN.

See details starting on page 114 of the 9.8 AP User Guide.

Thank you very much 🙂 

HI Tuck ,

Up to four IP subnets can be configured per AP, each with its own address range
which cannot conflict with one another.
1 Go to Configuration > Local Subnets. The four tabs at the top (Local Subnet
1 - 4) allow you to configure each of the four subnets independently. Image_ images_messages_5f91c408135b77e247928790_f3ac2275331e565fe9743edda6633b1b_PICs_inline-950b448f-7aea-4e19-b314-9ce7834d6c91-1022751836.JPG1423655345

Thank you very much 🙂