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ZoneFLex R700

New Contributor
I saw Ruckus R700 comes with two ethernet ports. One is definitely for POE Switching connection.
What about another one?

Can I use the second Ethernet port for some other purposes? For example, IPTV connections?

Thanks for sharing.

New Contributor
First of all, it's awesome that you answered this fast 🙂
second of all, I'm not familiar with the ruckus that much, all i know is that i have an R700 in my dorm room (put there by the university) and i tried to connect it to my pc using an ethernet cable and i didn't get internet access.
wifi works fine, my question is do I need some sort of software on my PC or just hooking up the cable will work, also is it possible that this feature was disabled by the university and that i'll need to talk to them if i want it enabled?


I'm pretty sure the Ict department has disabled the second ethernet port in the software. So contact them if you really need it. Otherwise a good wifi adapter might be the solution for you. 

New Contributor
by the way, when connecting the ethernet cable to my pc, it starting blinking orange, not sure if that helps much.

New Contributor
Check with your university's IT folk, they may have disabled the second port.  I do that in institutional situations, or set the second port to a guest VLAN, to prevent casual snooping on the network backbone.

New Contributor II
Hello, i would like to ask: can i use the second ethernet port to connect another R600 (which I will eventually connect to a separate power supply)?
Basically i would like to move an R600 from one position to another by connecting it to the second ethernet jack of the nearest R600.
Then, the first POE ethernet port should be forward all to the second ethernet port, also the vlans.
Can be the second ethernet port configured in this way?