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ZoneDirector 3000, AP R700, and 3com 5500 switches

New Contributor II
We are in the process of having a Ruckus wireless network installed. There has been some delays, so I am looking to get switch configurations in place to try and speed up the overall install process. We are looking to have 4 SSID's setup. We have one SSID in place with our current wireless network that we are replacing. The VLAN is setup, pulling dhcp addresses from the scope configured on the windows dhcp server and all current access points are configured on trunk ports. The ports are untagged with VLAN 15(current wireless network) and all other VLANS are tagged on the port.Seems simple enough to just replace our current AP's and controller with the ZoneDirector and configure with same IP settings and should be good to go I believe?  If that will work, I am not sure what to do about the additional 3 SSID's. I believe I will have to create additional VLANS for the other 3 SSID's. I'm not sure if these VLANS should be tagged, untagged. Trying to figure out this whole network port setup.

Thank you,