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ZF7982 product installation << modification suggestions

Contributor II
ZF7982 Noob observations:

1. Mounting template (paper diagram provided) should include all 4 mounting points, not just the two prime ones.
2. Included mounting screws (too long and the screw head should include phillips or torx) and plastic anchors should be more substantial.
3. The bottom side trim should include adjacent notches for the ethernet cable to be connected without the cable being bent around the .
4. The fancy locking mechanism (anti-theft) is annoying for most enterprise environments. Provide a method to semi-permanently disable the locking pin.
5. 7982 Quick Setup Guide p/n "800-70362-001 Rev E" lists a "Security screw," which was not included in any of the 7982's recently purchased. Nor is it obvious where a security screw would even be installed.

New Contributor III
The screws included seem really weak - i keep breaking them and having to source screws elsewhere.

I recycle the ruckus screws and use from Lowes, Toggler Alligator AF5 (oem # 50450) 3/16" anchors.

Valued Contributor II
Yes, its not you. A last minute change in the design resulted in the offset off center of gravity. I'll pass your other comments on to the product team.

@DRC I'll see if I can get a pic up