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ZF7982 AP unable to setup wireless

New Contributor III
Hi guys any help with setup, Logged in to set up the wireless but could not find where to enable the radio to set up my wireless, attached screenshot if anyone can help .planning on using it as standalone AP

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What's the smallest controller I can get for home use as I only have one AP thinking of adding one more in summer when I see how the wifi will be when seating in the backyard with a laptop streaming some tunes thru Spotify.

To tell you the thru so far I'm so impressed, the AP is in the basement ceiling and in my main floor I'm doing way fine big improvement 3 times the speed over unifi so far.

What model AP do you have now is the real question?  If it's one of our newer 802.11ac models, you might
be able to run Unleashed code which will even do Mesh, without a controller.  Otw, you can find ZD1100s
online that can manage multiple older model APs (we just offered free upgrade to latest code for security
patches) if you have an older (non-Unleashed capable) AP today.  ZD1205 is the still supported smallest
ZD controller.

1) ZF7982 model AP is supported on controller ZD1100 & ZD1205 at different software versions.
2) see if in your country any partner running Vscg giving controller as a service for a annual fee..