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ZF7372 Wireless Setup

New Contributor II
Hi All, 
I'm new to Ruckus APs and our little school have been donated a few ZF7372 APs that I'm going to configure as standalone APs. The school uses 802.x Wifi. 

I'm using the "Indoor Access Point Release 106.0 User Guide" to help me configure the AP...

I've done the basic configurations but stuck at the following settings:
  • Under Wireless #1: I've changed all the settings but struggling to select the "Packet Forward" option - what do i select here? The AP gets its internet from a Fortinet Fortigate device. 
  • Configuring Ethernet Ports - what do i do here? Do i leave this configuration or do i set them? Please assist with this as i dont know what to do here...
  • Under 802.x settings - (the Radius server is the NPS server on Windows Server 2016 with all settings configured as we already have a few other APs in the school so settings are working) - what port should i select between authenticator (PORT BASED), supplicant, Authenticator (MAC based)?

Hope someone can assist me with the above mentioned queries so long... 

Esteemed Contributor II
The answers depend on how your network is configured.  If everything is on one VLAN, you can leave defaults on #1 and #2.
I'm not very good at AAA/RADIUS so might need some network administrator help there...