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ZF7372 DIR LED blinking green

Contributor II
Our ZF7372 worked well for 72 hours or so. Magically, it was "disconnected" per our console on the ZD3000.

Power light is solid green and the DIR light is blinking green. NO other lights 30 seconds after reboot. Just power light is solid green and the DIR light is blinking green.

I could not find any doc that explains the standard LEDs on any current ZF units.


New Contributor II
I suppose it's blinking slowly, wich mean the ZF search to connect to the ZD, the led blinkink fast when the ZD provisioning the ZF, so if you loose you connection to ZD your probably blinking slow
(sorry for the language... I'm french)

Contributor II
Thank you. Blinking slow.

I replaced cabling. I attached to alternative PoE switch. I reset to factory defaults and re-added to ZD. All this and still blinking green slow.

Status message on the ZD: "Status Disconnected (2013/08/30 08:50:46)"

New Contributor
Hi Rick,

Here is the link for User Guide where you can find LED status for ZoneFlex indoor units.

Check if ZF7372 is able to ping ZD and vise versa.
AP >> Administration >> Diagnostics run ping test.
AP and ZD on Same subnet ? If not SSH into AP and run.

set director ip

I hope this is helpful.

New Contributor
It is possible it may take a few hard resets to rejoin the ZD. Can you access the AP directly as a standalone? If so try setting the AP statically or or DHCP and try to rejoin the ZD....