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ZF7363 Radio 2 cannot set to 5G band after FW upgrade

New Contributor II
I try to upgrade my ZF7363 with new FW. After upgrade, the admin web page just see radio 1 and radio 2 instead of radio 2.4G and radio 5G, and radio cannot set radio2 to 5G band (it's mean 5G never work any more). Can anyone have idea what happened and how to fix it? Thanks.

New Contributor II
I don't know why my ZF7363-U show product as zf7942, it maybe why the 5G radio doesnot work normally....
Magic: RCKS
next_image: d0000
invalid: 0
hdr_len: 160
compression: l7
load_address: 0x80080000
entry_point: 0x802C0000
timestamp: Wed Apr 20 18:20:49 2011
binl7_len: 5590880
hdr_version: 3
hdr_cksum: 0xE892
version: ( )
MD5: 751215C161C39E88F09AB5AB98A79B95
product: zf7942 (0)
architecture: 1
chipset: 0
board_type: 9
board_class: 3

Valued Contributor II
Was the image you loaded on a 7942 image?

Also, is ancient. Any reason you updated to that instead of 9.7.2 or 9.8.2?

New Contributor II
Actually, I have tried 9.8.x 9.7.x 9.5.x 9.4.x, etc. but the result is the same. I use 7363 firmware to upgrade the ap, I don't know why it show 7942 in image information.
Ps.The original version before I upgrade is

What is the current software version on the AP? Try to go back on the old working version and see if you get the correct radios . You can then do step by step upgrade according to the upgrade path .