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ZD1200 Randomly Losing Connectivity

New Contributor III
Version= build 398. TDR from switch to ZD passes, as well as from our office switch to the R750 in our office. Memory nor CPU utilization is very high - at most 5%. Not many APs nor clients. All APs attached to the ZD are also randomly losing connectivity. Only alarms are those notifying me of rogues. Configuration is very basic. VLAN for management and each WLAN, trunked throughout our network from the ZD to all APs.

I feel like this started with the latest firmware I put on it after getting an R750.

Syslog for the R750 is filling up with: "rks_ioctl: module 27 cmd 3 not supported". ZD syslog is showing: "Request():IPC connection close. errno 4", "main():handleRequest() failed or done...^M", and "cmdGetFeatures():feature 0 is not found".

Looking for help troubleshooting this.