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ZD1200 Location

New Contributor II
I'm a complete Ruckus newbie.  I have purchased a ZD1200 and 2 ZoneFlex APs.  I am the local phone company/ISP.  We will be placing the APs in a local fairground.  I want to install the ZD1200 in my office, not in the field.  I assume this will be possible using some Managment VLANs to control the APs in the field?  I will be purchasing more APs for a campground in another area, and assume I can add those to my only ZD1200 to manage that area as well, as a different network.  Am I correct with my assumptions?  If so, please provide a quick overview how it needs to be set up to remotely control the APs.  Thanks!  I'm striking out finding this info in the userguide.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Daniel,

    Your local VAR or Ruckus SE would always be happy to discuss design questions
and help insure you have products to provide adequate coverage.  In a basic design,
you want an untagged VLAN for management, from your Central Office to each Site,
and one dedicated Client VLAN for each, both at your CO, and one extending to each
Site.  The ZD and APs use the untagged management VLAN, and you put clients on
the tagged VLANs associated to each Site.

    You can define two AP Groups on your ZD, one for each Site.  You can define two
WLANs, each tagged with that Site's unique client VLAN.  You can advertise only the
Site1 WLAN on Site1 APs, and only Site2 WLAN on Site2 APs.  If you have an AP in
the office, you could advertise both Site WLANs, and maybe a Management WLAN
(untagged) for your Admin access/testing/etc.

    Does that help you to envision your LAN switching requirements?

New Contributor II
So in an environment where we will be offering open wireless internet for up to 400 devices, the clients will need to be on the tagged VLAN?  Also, what do you recommend for a DHCP server?  I do not think the T710 or R610 provide IPs..??  Thank you.

New Contributor II
You should consider where the subscribers off load to the internet and the capacity of your WAN circuit from your CO to the Fairgrounds.  I'm assuming the topology you are proposing will have a remote switch (POE?) with a trunked/tagged port extend across the WAN transporting the customer traffic to the CO and on to the internet or, the internet connection will be at the fairgrounds in which case you will likely need a router too. 
I would leverage a Ruckus SE or your VAR SE on this one.

New Contributor II
How do I contact my Ruckus SE or VAR SE?  I tried submitting a ticket but the rep that was trying to help me accent was too strong and I could only understand a few words from every sentence.  Not trying to be hateful, just telling the truth...I'm in NW Iowa if that helps find my local contact...Thanks!