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Windows DHCP server migration broke Ruckus Wireless Network

New Contributor
We migrated our DHCP server from an old server to a new one when we decomissioned our admin network and now just have a single domain and network.

DHCP is working fine with our wired clients.

It has broken our wireless network. Ruckus Zone Director 3000 and APs ZF7363

You try connect to the wireless and it wont let you connect, it fails to assign an IP address. The APs keep restarting as they are failing to get the heartbeat from the ZoneDirector. 

The wireless network worked fine until the DHCP was migrated then it is playing up. We have even restored the zone director to factory settings but still having the same issue.

Anyone any ideas?


New Contributor III
what was the IP pool configured earlier and now?  since you had mentioned now it is a single domain, also have you got enough IPs in the reserve pool, 

New Contributor III
The AP tends to reboot when it doesn't acquire an IP address, also check the DHCP lease period, did you try resetting the Access point ??

New Contributor
The Ip pool and scope has all stayed the same with plenty of spare IPs.

We had the APs on Ip reservations but we have tried removing the lease and reservation but it does the same. We have tried resetting the APs by holding the reset button for 12 seconds and it recommissioning itself. Tried leaving it to DHCP and setting it to a static IP

Did you change the ip address of the DHCP server?  If so and have vlans setup you may need to change the ip helper settings on the Vlan interface on the switch doing the vlan routing.  also may need to approve the dhcp server.

Authorizing the DHCP Server

DHCP server can be authorized through the DHCP management console by an member of the Enterprise Admins group. To authorize a DHCP server, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Start, point to Programs, Administrative Tools, and click DHCP.

  2. Within the DHCP management console, right-click the DHCP server and click Authorize.

  3. Once authorized, the DHCP server can respond to client requests for IP address parameters.