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Wifi AirPlay issue with Sony X7 wireless speaker

New Contributor

I have used Access Point: 7982 for several months and everything works well.

Recently I have  bought a Sony X7 wireless speaker, and always have the airplay issue with this wireless speaker.

I have tested and confirmed the following:

1. Airplay between my iPhone and my Apple TV works well, so not the airplay problem;

2. Airplay between my iPhone and Sony X7 through bluetooth connection works well;

3. Airplay between my iPhone and Sony X7 WiFi connection, the Sony speaker not shows up, or show up a short period and then disappear again

4. The Speaker WiFi connect signal status is middle, and I can manage it through internet with no issue.

5. Have changed to another Buffalo Access Point, and the Sony Speaker works well with no issue, so the speaker itself has no hardware issue

I believe this is some configuration at 7982 AP side, but not sure what is the problem.

Please someone have similar experiences may help me out of this.