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Which Versions to Migrate from ZD1000 to ZD1100

New Contributor
I have a ZD1000 on and a ZD1100 on

I would like to migrate our settings over to the ZD1100 but it appears that can only be done if they're on the same version. I noticed the ZD1100 has a available but am not sure if I can downgrade from 9.7 to 9.1.

Is this the best way to migrate our settings and then upgrade to 9.7? or is 9.6 a better version at this point?

We have 7 ZF2942 APs which we will need to work reliably on the ZD1100.

Any suggestion are welcome as we plan this upgrade.

Esteemed Contributor II

Your ZD1000 version was a patch/beta release, that was also a version
that supports ZD1100. Theoretically, you could downgrade your ZD1100 and lose
it's configuration each time you go back a version, then "restore" a backup config
you took from your ZD1000.

But realistically, it might be easier to add your ZD1000 WLAN details to your
existing ZD1100 configuration. You may have different RADIUS servers or AP
models on your ZDs today, but honestly, it would be easier to add your ZD1K
info onto your ZD1100. A merge of configuration is what I'd suggest.

Did You Know: The Ruckus Support website has a ZD debug log analyzer?
Its found in the Tools section at bottom/left of our main page. You can feed
in a ZD debug log you collected from Administer/Diagnostics page of your ZD1K
and easily see your WLAN and AP/other details to help transpose to your ZD1100.